Smash Dagon

Tony stood at just over six feet tall with strong shoulders. He was a violent man and would smash people in the face at the merest hint of a provocation. He had just got out of Coventry prison for committing grievous bodily harm to a policeman.

Whilst in prison he had read a story called Dagon. In the story a man had seen a green nightmare thing slide out of water and dart to a stone monolith in an immeasurable pit or canyon. Tony had been hypnotised by the story and had been docile for a few days after. Then he had a weird dream in which the grim thing from the story had pointed to the sky where two immense robots, one blue and one red, were punching each other repeatedly in their metal faces so hard that the ocean and small green island below shook. On the island now stood Tony and many others. All the others were now bowing down and chanting inwardly and the diabolical thing saw Tony who just stood at the back and it pointed right at him. Dwobneb. Tony awoke in a state of upmost excitement, seeing that hand pointing incomprehensibly. He also saw in his mind weird coordinates and Philistine arrows pointing somewhere out in the Pacific on a crude map in his skull.

He was living in a stolen car after getting out of prison and was eating instant mashed potato washed down with Aldi diet cola formulating his plan. He would need a boat, a steam iron, a portable electricity generator and a plank of wood. Also food and water. The boat he would steal from a man he had gone to school with who he knew still lived with his aunt. The boat would have been in his garage for a good thirty years if it was still there.

Next day he backed his car up to the garage door leaving enough room to open the rickety doors. The school friend had been spied leaving for work a few minutes ago and the aunt to the shops with cart after that. Tony broke into and opened the garage doors. Then he spread his arms and laughed maniacally as he saw the boat was there and had been restored and painted. He felt excited and felt like smashing someone, anyone, repeatedly in the face with his clenched fists.

He attached the boat and trailer to his car and turned carefully out onto the road and was away.


Some weeks later he was meandering around the vast gulfs of the blue South Pacific Ocean in the boat, alone. He was extremely relaxed and focussed. He knew he was in the right area and just had to search and wait, or maybe nothing would happen and he would eventually die of thirst or infection.

Next day the boat struck something hard just below the surface. He rushed down the steps and saw water creeping in. It would be a few minutes before the boat went under, the boat had struck a glancing blow on something he imagined to be a obelisk of loathsome implication. He rushed back up and saw the green thing slide above the waves pretty far off in a moment of madness.

Tony acted quickly as the thing made distant sounds that made Tony move faster and Tony was making mad noises of laughter. He positioned the wooden plank over the side that the thing was approaching towards. It was walking on some ancient ledge below the surface.

Tony nailed the plank horizontally out over the side, his arm working overtime up above his head and downwards, hammering in fits of aggression. He laughed at his luck and stupidity at finding hammer and nails onboard when somewhere east of Argentina. He looked up at the thing’s eyes were approaching, alien and terrible.

Next Tony started the generator and it rumbled to life and he plugged the iron in and it quickly became red hot. He unplugged it and jumped up in a frenzy and was quickly on the far edge of his plank, above the water. The plank was slowly descending downwards as the boat angled up slightly, filling with salt water.

The thing raised a hand and it’s knee was now in reach. Tony smashed the thing in the green flesh with the iron and all his strength and the vast thing took Tony and his boat quickly and grimly below the waves into the abyss. Tony flailed around under the rushing, darkening water trying to inflict pain but the thing was not even remotely hurt and Tony’s somehow relentless bubbling shouts were insanity, his eyes staring blankly, the water pressure increasing as they descended.



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