The Ghost on the Common

Everytime he went down the sloping path on his bike he saw the ghost in the trees. And this time was no different. He stood at the top of the hill and did not remember the ghost until it was too late, as usual. However this time he stopped his bike and as time stood still put down his bike and entered the trees seeing the white ghost up ahead. It made no sound and the only sound was himself clearing the bushes and cracking twigs. It had no shape except that it looked like a billion stars in one solid cloud he thought. He chose his weapon – a sharp stick a metre long and the ghost advanced and rose above him sending the boy’s gaze up past the trees. Darkness engulfed the common then and witches lurked behind in an instant and the stars were out of place. The boy panicked and swung the stick at the white mass that had no shape. But soon he put down the stick and sat down. Because the silence had come to include even the swishes of the stick in the air. He sat down and knew the path with his bike on was overgrown and his bike was not there. The trees were all around for many, many miles and the strange stars shone down and the moon loomed and it was then that the ghost spoke to the boy’s mind. It said “Go off where the common was or will be and get the rock that will smash all other rocks into ever smaller rocks.” This was exciting so the boy stood up and jumped at the ghost, waved his arms around and shouted some noises at the ghost. Then he lay down and closed his eyes. When he opened them (after having a strange dream of a bend in a stream with awful lights under the water) he saw that the ghost was no longer there. It was still dark. All the stars were back in the sky now but they were still all wrongly placed. The path and his bike were still not there when the boy searched for them either. But he did see a rock in stream not far ahead and was soon home in time for tea where he had waffles and egg and he kept that rock under his bed from then on.



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